Secure Real Estate Group (SREG) is focused on providing investors, home buyers, and developers the opportunity to purchase residential real estate for profit. By creating local investor networks to buy, renovate, and resell homes that otherwise would sit vacant, SREG is able to help rejuvenate communities. Our business model not only improves property values, but also creates jobs and supports crime reduction.

Secure Real Estate Group has been involved in real estate for more than ten years, acting as brokers and investment property advisors. We’ve seen the highs and the lows, and there is no better time to invest than now! With access to hundreds of foreclosed and investor owned properties throughout central Indiana, opportunities are rampant for significant cash returns.
Secure Real Estate Group can help investors find the right deal, rehabilitate the property at a low cost, and match the home with the perfect tenant.

How do we do it?

  • SREG is a full service operation that allows you to sit back and watch your investment grow.
  • SREG finds suitable homes in areas that provide the greatest amount of return on investment. We search through a variety of bank-owned properties to find the best values.
  • SREG facilitates purchase of the home by using investor funds.  We place competitive offers on homes and continue monitoring throughout the buying process until the house is purchased in your name.
  • SREG provides all contract labor to rehab or “make livable” the purchased property.  We use only licensed and insured contractors that provide high quality construction and maintenance at affordable prices.
  • SREG works with a third party property management group that qualifies individuals to lease or purchase the property. They pre-qualified potential tenants and matches them with your property.  They provide detailed leases that ensure your property is protected.

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